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about us

Pocket Full of Posies dynamic-duo owners are Beth Ann Rabush-Perone & Bryan Perone. Beth growing up in a family owned and operated business, and having successfully ran her own business prior to the flower shop, strived for a creative outlet. 

On a trip to Philadelphia they stopped in a floral bucket shop, and Beth mused how fun it would be to do flowers everyday; to which Bryan responded "why not?"

By the time they had driven back to Smithville, they had already looked up some of the logistics, and the plan and excitement turned into the nationally successful business you know today!

In the first few years of operation, the business resided in a rented unit in the 

Historic Smithville village. After years of business there they began to realize the store began to outgrow itself, and then came the big idea from Pop! Every day Beth's father (Pop) would ride past an old house that was across from the village. He would go on and on and on saying PFOP needed to own its own building instead of rent, needed more space and don't forget the LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

Illustrated Rosemary

1953 photo of the house we turned into our current location. Photo given to us by Laura - who with her siblings use to sell flowers in their front yard as children ... lemonade stand style!



after a lot of renovations we were able to open our new location!

going from doing about 25 weddings a year to over 200!

our mission at PFOP is QUALITY and we believe in nothing less!

picture of best of the bunch bouquet


give the parameters of the best of the bunch contest and our story with it!

but where do you find it because I looked and I don't see it online, anywhere but the galloway patch

We love that our hard work and creativity shows through in everything that we do and it has given us incredible opportunities to design flowers for people including Usher, Jimmy Buffett, The Kennedy Family, & Marc Anthony.

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